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I can’t believe I don’t have to repack my wheely bag this week!
That’s right! My first NFL season is complete. 30 games in the books! Not going to lie. It wasn’t easy, but it was awesome. From being a part of Thursday Night Football, to experiencing the NFL for a full season for the first time, from adjusting to a new crew, to forming new relationships. The change from college to the pros provided me with so many challenges but also so many memorable moments. It also humbled me and showed me there are still so many ways in which I can do my job better. I look forward to doing it all over again next year. Thursdays, Sundays and Super Bowl 50! 
But for now, I am going to enjoy some time off. I’m going to spend some time with my family. They have been so supportive and understanding with my hectic schedule, with me not always being there, that I can’t wait to be all theirs… That is until March Madness arrives 😉

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I'm about to embark on one of the greatest challenges of my career. The adjustment from college to the pros will be different, the move from Saturdays to Thursdays and Sundays will be tough, working with a new crew and forming new relationships within the NFL will take some getting used to. But really the biggest challenge of all will be the balance of work and family.

Everyone always asks me how hard it is being a woman in this business? Having to always prove ourselves, make sure we are taken seriously, and how we block out the constant critics on social media.

But for me, one of the hardest things about being a woman in this business is the balance of work and family, managing the hectic travel schedule and my children's hectic lives. After all three boys under the age of 8 is a handful as it is.

That's what has been keeping me up at night the last few weeks, that is what is causing the hesitation when people ask about how excited I am to be part of the number one crew on Thursdays and Sundays. After all this is what I've worked so hard for all my life isn't it? But I've also worked so hard to raise a family.

Believe me, I realize how fortunate I am and I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity. It's going to be awesome. But I could've used some warning, some advice about how challenging this business would be for a mother.

In our business there are not many shoulders to lean on or brains to pick when it comes to this subject. That's why I've decided to write this blog.

I'm going to spend this first season chronicling that balance of work and family. I'm calling it "Stories of a Sideline Mom".

I hope you laugh, maybe you'll find some of it sad, but most importantly I hope to inspire others along this journey.

Stay tuned for first post...


<![CDATA[Moving On]]>Mon, 18 Aug 2014 01:57:26 GMThttp://www.tracywolfson.net/blog/moving-onThe  college football season is underway and for the first time in 10 years I am watching as a fan.  As many of you know I am moving to the NFL sidelines this season. I am extremely excited about this new opportunity and challenge.  One that is definitely the next great step in my career.  

Still, it will definitely be an adjustment.  The SEC is all I've known since working at CBS and there are definitely things I am going to miss not covering games on Saturday. 

First off, my crew. I couldn't have asked for two better partners in Verne and Gary.  They believe in the role of a sideline reporter and have supported me every step of the way. We have formed such a good rapport on the air but an even better friendship off it.  My producer Craig, my director Steve, all of our production and tech crew, it may sound corny but we really are one big family.  They are all so talented and so easy to work with and the product they put on the air is top notch.

One of my favorite parts of being a college football sideline reporter were interviews, especially with the coaches in the SEC.  Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, Les Miles, Will Muschamp, just to name a few. Each has a unique personality and I always loved trying to capture that and bring it to the viewers.  I don't think Bill Belichick is stopping to chat with me going into half anytime soon.  

Having only done a handful of NFL games, I am really looking forward to hitting all the NFL cities and experiencing the stadiums and fan bases associated with each team. It sure will make my travel a whole lot easier! But Saturday's in the South are tough to beat. The passion, the tradition, the noise, Rocky Top, The Swamp, The Hedges, Death Valley at night, Sweet Home Alabama, Woo Pig Suey, the Grove, Cowbells… I will miss it all.

But hey, I will certainly get a taste of the SEC in the NFL.  From former coaches to former players they are all over the National Football League.   I kick off this season September 7th at MetLife with the Jets hosting Oakland, 1pm ET  on CBS.

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People ask me all the time "What do I enjoy covering better football or basketball?".  Here's what I say.  My favorite sport to cover is football. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the fact that I never got a chance to play it as a kid and it intrigues me, or maybe because of the pace of play and the more ample opportunities to do reports and interviews and certainly a much more comfortable workplace for a reporter (except of course when it rains, then I would take a basketball game anytime!) But there is always a caveat to that question.  In my opinion, nothing beats March Madness and the Final Four!

I have been fortunate to be part of this event for 6 straight years and the lead reporter covering the National Championship since 2009.  I like covering this event for the same reason the fans like watching it. There is something so unique about the tournament.  First off it's a month long. Second, I love the hype in the weeks leading up as to who is in and who is out.  Then, teams punch their tickets to the dance and you have some who expect to be there and others you've never heard of.  Storylines and ties in each matchup, Cinderellas looking to keep their historic run alive, stars are born, careers are made, stories written and of course there is that ONE SHINING MOMENT.  Every year before the tournament CBS holds an NCAA Tournament two day seminar.  They start it by playing last year's One Shining Moment video and every time, I shed a tear.  That's why this is my favorite time of year!

Tracy Wolfson is a CBS Sideline Reporter and Host. Follow Tracy on twitter: @tracywolfson